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April 24, 2012

Sound. Loving this right now. Real summery tune from New Jersey band Real Estate. Has a timeless feel to it.





Vision.  London photographer James Reynolds  documented the final meals of former death row inmates in these photos. Probably would’ve gone for a cheeky Krispy Kreme myself. Interesting to hear what other people would go for.




Soul. My soul will be satisfied as with the richest foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you. Psalm 63:5


Sound. Vision. Soul.

April 23, 2012

Been a while.

Going to perhaps revise the format of the Cauldron a little.

Finding the time to write at present is rather difficult so I’m going to have a new style.

Sound. Vision. Soul.

Every day. Getting you into some fantastic music. Showing you some fantastic stuff. All with a fantastic bible verse serving as a cherry on top of this incredible cake.

Not too radical eh?

Writing will continue at some point.

Liverpool- Anfield and The Beatles. Enough Said.

August 3, 2011

The Brady family are currently staying in a little cottage in the remote realms of Lincolnshire. It is perfect for relaxation. However as I have three younger siblings whose thirst for excitement is comparable to a kid with ADHD  on Christmas Eve, a trip to Alton Towers was on the cards. I personally don’t find theme parks particularly enticing neither does my dad therefore we decided to take a trip to the ‘Pool.  As a life long supporter of Liverpool it’s rather bemusing to say the least that I’d never visited Anfield let alone the city itself in my 18 years. Cue some cynic blasting me for not supporting a local team but to be completely honest I started supporting them before I could grasp the concept of football teams representing  cities. For me they were just a team in red that Michael Owen happened to play for. Fast forward 13 years into the future and I am stood outside the true home of football, Anfield.

Starting off at the Museum. I know all the numbers 18 leagues, 5 European cups etc. but seeing it first hand is another story.  It would be very difficult if not impossible to find a club with a richer history in England. The club restaurant was also impressive. Especially in comparison to my choice of beverage. A coke float sounds good on paper: ice cream and coke. Two things that taste great on their own. Why not even better when mixed? This was not the case however. Oh well, life is a learning curve. We thought we’d follow the etiquette and sign up for the Stadium tour. Loads of cool things to be seen.  The press room. The infamous “This is Anfield” poster before you go through the tunnel. The surprisingly cosy changing room with the squad’s shirts on the pegs. And last but not least the Kop end. I’m so glad to have seen it in all its glory as it looks increasingly likely that it’s no longer feasible to redevleop Anfield and that we’ll have to move to a new stadium. I gave my views to the journalists but I somehow feel they won’t listen.

Next stop, The Beatles Story Museum.

The city doesn’t half brag about being the home to the best band of all time. I’d say 8/10 of the  businesses are puns of Fab Four song titles, e.g a restaurant called “Ate Days A Week” . The museum recounts the story of how the four lads from Liverpool went from a city’s worst kept secret to international superstars. Definitely worth visiting just to see the memorabilia they’ve horded up over the years from the band’s old instruments to lyric sheets to John Lennon’s motorbike  but more importantly a life size Yellow submarine that shot bubbles and had real goldfish in the windows. Another cool section was the wall covered in what other acclaimed musicians had said about the Beatles. Obviously there was the inevitable lauding from the Gallagher brothers but my favourite  as a lifelong fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a quote from their ex-guitarist John Frusciante saying “The Beatles showed us that four people could be a perfectly balanced as the four elements. The macrocosm and the microcosm. All things as one.” Philosophical and over the top rubbish, I know,  but it’s interesting to see how such a unique individual can construe pop music to something almost ethereal.

If that wasn’t enough, the gift shop at the end is ridiculously good. Everything from Beatles-themed USB sticks to ashtrays to thimbles to John Lennon glasses (which I nabbed for myself) to please please me. Before going back to good old Lincolnshire we decided we’d stop off at Penny Lane. A fitting way to end a day in the life. There are places I remember and Liverpool is certainly one of them.

When they say they’re a 24-hour shop, they mean 24 hour.

July 5, 2011

Considering this will be the longest summer I am likely to experience in my  life I thought I should make a list of things I want to accomplish within the 3 months or so I have off. One of these things was to find out whether Tesco were lying when they said that they were open 24 hours a day. So, at 3.14AM this morning, me and my accomplice, Dewi Gwilym Brady, my younger yet taller brother, made the  long walk towards Tesco near Brent Cross. We literally didn’t see a single pedestrian on the whole journey which made for a nice contrast to the usual London hubbub we’re accustomed to. We walked, jogged a little when any noises were heard but mainly walked. And finally, through the dark,  a beacon of hope in the form of the familiar red lettering of Tesco appeared on the horizon. We had made it.

Inside however was not the Stalinesque order I was used to from the country’s biggest supermarket chain. Far from it. Chaos. The door was almost  completely barricaded with trolleys and other supermarketing stuff. Unsurprisingly, it was nearly completely desserted. I could tell from the faces of other shoppers that they wanted to judge me however they were overwrought by what I thoroughly  believe was an overbearing sense of respect and admiration for teenagers who shopped in such a marvelously casual manner  at such an absurd time. I nodded to let them know the respect was mutual. I had other things on my mind however:  the content of my shopping list.

– Milk.

– Strawberry bon bons.

– Pop Tarts. (Bet you didn’t even know they sold ’em in Britain)

The shopping list had been  planned just 4 minutes prior to leaving but from the steely determination on the faces of my brother and I to find the dairy aisle, you would have thought this operation had been meticulously designed for months maybe even years before. The milk was grabbed in a no nonsense manner followed in quick succession with the acquisition of the Strawberry Bon Bons (special offer!) and Pop Tarts (another special offer!). Once all items had been found came the inevitable duel with the self service machine. With the foot soldiers of the tills all battling on the front line taking care of stock,  the machinery, the fruit of 21st century labour were holding fort. My history with these particular  machines is chequered to say the least but I came out on top this time. Man, did I put those items in the bagging area with a fervour and passion not witnessed on these isles since Keith Moon played the drums in The Who. The machine printing out a receipt in a way of saying, “You win, human. My respect for you is eternal.”

We walked past the security guard who stopped short of shaking our hands  to congratulate our momentous and memorable feat but couldn’t help but raise a wry smile that painted a thousand pictures but bore one sentence in particular bearing powerful words that will outshine every image, “That kid’s got class”. Moving. Feelings. We trudged home, pleased with our haul. The sun was rising. I opened the front door, kicked my shoes off. Went to my waiting bed knowing that I had well and truly witnessed the supernatural.

Je suis tres back

June 28, 2011

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I have had a lengthy absence from the blogosphere in recent times due to the hustling, bustling demand of exam season but I have now finished, so expect a flurry of pointless posts executed due to the sheer fact that I have nothing to do with my spare time. Not that I’ve been doing pointless things with my time anyway.

Will be back soon.

Nostalgia A.K.A Writer’s Block (Should Be Revising)

June 6, 2011

I have my last History exam on Friday hence the lack of posts. Just thought I’d remind you of the greatest bubble bath brand of all time: Matey. Had forgotten their existence for the last 10 years. Looked great. Smelt great.  Pinnacle of bath time. Up there with Loreal Kids.

Unsurpassable Greatness

Finisher – Them Getaways

May 25, 2011

As some of you know, I sing in a band called Them Getaways. We went into the studio for the second time way back in March and the fruit of our labours has only just come to the surface due to an arduous mixing and producing process. So here is a track called Finisher. I made the artwork on Microsoft Paint which I’m pretty chuffed with.